Our Mission

Mission 1: To effectively serve our clients while supporting charity

Uptown Painting has made it our mission to provide ethical and quality services to homeowners and businesses. While doing so, we raise awareness and funds for local charities making a difference in the world. We do this by requiring that at least 10% of the contract price be written to a charity. We have selected several amazing organizations which our clients choose from based on what speaks to them personally. It is our goal that our clients both invest emotionally and financially into these organizations.

Mission 2: To mentor/empower entrepreneurs

We provide guidance and mentorship that empowers individuals to run their own business. We hope to teach our managers what it takes to run a simple but ethical business in a way that honors their clients and God.

Our vision to Counter Injustice:

Awareness is important, but it is not enough. Our vision is that other organizations and the customers that keep them running, will both see the value in creating ways of income that positively affect more of the world than just us and the people directly around us. Our hope is through this small scale venture that we would provide a service for you and with that we will also open doors into applying the same business model in other industries (e.i. landscaping and real estate). If you would like to support any of these other visions, let us know. Relationships and quality service are important to us.